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MinistarstvoDuring the process of accession of Montenegro to the WTO, the members analyzed, among others, the economic policies and the foreign trade regime of Montenegro, related to the compliance with the WTO agreements. Bearing in mind that the Report of the Working Party is the result of multilateral negotiations with the WTO members and refers to the harmonization of Montenegrin legislation with relevant agreements, this part of the portal follows the areas covered by the mentioned document.

- The part Montenegrin legislation contains the legal and sub-legal acts that Montenegro applies in the area of trade in goods, services and trade aspects of intellectual property.

- The part Draft legislation is devoted to the publication of regulations and other measures, before their adoption, in order to allow the members of the WTO to provide comments on them, in accordance with the undertaken obligation.

- The part Trade agreements contain free trade agreements, economic cooperation agreements and agreements on promotion and reciprocal protection of investments.

- The part Trade measures include measures affecting trade, in case they are introduced.

This webpage is updated in coordination with the line ministries that are obliged to submit the regulations within their jurisdiction.

In addition, here you can download the regulations published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro.