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Working bodies

The Agreement Establishing the WTO defines, among other things, the organizational structure of the WTO.

The General Council manages the work of the Organization and makes decisions important for its functioning within the guidelines set by the Ministerial Conference. It meets regularly, usually once in two months. General Council is in charge for the functioning of the WTO in the periods between the two Ministerial conference meetings, acting on its behalf and answering for its work.

The General Council also meets as the Trade Policy Review Body and Dispute Settlement Body.

Under the auspices of the General Council, there are Council for Trade in Goods, the Council for Trade Services and the Council for Trade Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (Council for TRIPS). These three councils carry out tasks within the competencies specified in the relevant agreements, as well as the tasks determined by the General Council.

In accordance with the provisions of the WTO Agreement, a significant place in the WTO organizational structure is taken by the Committee on Trade and Development, the 
Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions and the Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration. 

As response to the trade development, and in relation to the aforementioned, the General Council has established other committees and working groups, and their number is changing. Each council, committee or working group elects its chairman. In line with mentioned, unofficial consultations are held with the aim to achieve a consensus on the appointment of chairpersons. After consultation, the working bodies formally confirm the appointment by choosing the chairman by consensus. Almost all mandates last one year. The exceptions are: Trade Negotiations Committee, which is ex officio chaired by the Director General of the WTO, as well as the chairpersons of the negotiating groups of the Trade Negotiations Committee, whose mandates are defined differently, for the time being, from one Ministerial Conference meeting to the next. Another exception is the Preparatory Committee for Trade Facilitation. Here you can download the list of chairpersons

The WTO Secretariat is an administrative body and is not competent to make decisions. The activities of the Secretariat are also aimed to facilitate the implementation and implementation of the WTO Agreements, to provide forums for multilateral trade negotiations and to implement the results of negotiations. The Ministerial Conference appoints the Director General and adopts the rules defining the powers, duties, terms of service and the mandate of the Director General.

Generalni savjet i njegova radna tijela  The General Council and bodies reporting to it  
Generalni savjet General Council
Tijelo za rješavanje sporova Dispute Settlement Body
Tijelo za ispitivanje trgovinskih politika Trade Policy Review Body
Savjet za trgovinu robama  Council for Trade in Goods
Savjet za trgovinu uslugama  Council for Trade in Services
Savjet za trgovinske aspekte prava intelektualne svojine Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
Komitet za trgovinu i životnu sredinu  Committee on Trade and Environment
Komitet za trgovinu i razvoj  Committee on Trade and Development
Komitet za platno-bilansne restrikcije  Committee on Balance-of-Payments Restrictions
Komitet za regionalne trgovinske sporazume  Committee on Regional Trade Agreements
Komitet za budžetska, finansijska i administrativna pitanja Committee on Budget, Finance and Administration
Radna grupa za trgovinu i transfer tehnologije  Working Group on Trade and Transfer of Technology
Radna grupa za trgovinu dugovanja i finansije  Working Group on Trade, Debt and Finance
Komitet za trgovinske pregovore Trade Negotiations Committee
Pripremni Komitete za trgovinske olakšice  Preparatory Committee on Trade Facilitation
Tijela osnovana pod  Komitetom
za trgovinske pregovore 
Bodies established under the Trade Negotiations Committee  
Grupa za pregvore o pristupu tržištu  Negotiating Group on Market Access
Grupa za pregovore o pravilima  Negotiating Group on Rules
Savjet za trgovinu uslugama, specijalno zasjedanje  Council for Trade in Services, Special Session
Savjet za trgovinske aspekte prava intelektualne svojine, specijalno zasjedanje  Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights, Special Session
Tijelo za rješavanje sporova, specijalno zasjedanje  Dispute Settlement Body, Special Session
Komitet za poljoprivredu, specijalno zasjedanje  Committee on Agriculture, Special Session
Potkomitet za pamuk  Sub-Committee on Cotton
Komitet za trgovinu i životnu sredinu, specijalno zasjedanje  Committee on Trade and Environment, Special Session
Komitet za trgovinu i razvoj, specijalno zasjedanje  Committee on Trade and Development, Special Session
Tijela u nadležnosti Savjeta za trgovinu robama   Subsidiary bodies of the Council for Trade in Goods  
Komitet za poljoprivredu  Committee on Agriculture
Komitet za antidampinšku praksu  Committee on Anti-Dumping Practices
Komitet za carinsko vrednovanje  Committee on Customs Valuation
Komitet za izdavanje uvoznih dozvola  Committee on Import Licensing
Komitet za pristup tržištu  Committee on Market Access
Komitet za pravila porijekla Committee on Rules of Origin
Komitet za zaštitne mjere  Committee on Safeguards
Komitet za sanitarne i fitosanitarne mjere  Committee on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
Komitet za subvencije i kompenzatorne mjere  Committee on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
Komitet za tehničke barijere u trgovini  Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade
Komitet za investicione mjere koje se odnose na trgovinu  Committee on Trade-Related Investment Measures
Radna grupa o poslovanju državnih preduzeća  Working Party on State Trading Enterprises
Komitet učesnika za proširivanje trgovine informatičkim proizvodima  Committee of Participants on the Expansion of Trade in Information Technology Products
Tijela u nadležnosti Savjeta za trgovinu uslugama  Subsidiary bodies of the Council for Trade in Services  
Komitet za trgovinu finansijskim uslugama  Committee on Trade in Financial Services
Radna grupa za nacionalne propise   Working Party on Domestic Regulation
Komitet za posebne obaveze  Committee on Specific Commitments
Radna grupa za GATS pravila  Working Party on GATS Rules

Komiteti za plurilateralne sporazume  Committees of Plurilateral Agreements  
Komitet za trgovinu u civilnom vazduhoplovstvu  Committee on Trade in Civil Aircraft
Komitet za javne nabavke  Committee on Government Procurement